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               RACING TECHNOLOGY

        1   D.F.C.                                             3   NEW MICHELIN® BURNOUT SOLE

       The D.F.C. System features a PU frame attached to the boot with two               Macro-sculptures to increase
       lateral hidden screws positioned on the heel counter, at ankle level. At          ADHERENCE and STABILITY
       the back of the boot, the system is equipped with two lugs that slide
       inside dedicated ‘safety lock’ pockets which allow a back flexibility up to
       13 degrees, avoiding the overextension of the ankle joint to limit the risk
       of injury. The PU frame of the system is thin and shaped around the boot
       to offer a flat internal surface, which allows a good grip on the bike, and
       prevent from becoming caught on the bike while riding. D.F.C. System is
       engineered to also offer a superior level of protection in case of impact;
       the heel counter is designed to absorb impact energy and it is equipped                 1
       with rear and lateral slider to facilitate the natural sliding in case of a fall.

                                                                                            Triangular micro-sculptures to
                                                                                            ensure STABILITY on footrest.
                                                                 Customized heel angle to
                                                                 maintain foot hold on the footrest
                                                                 and fast sliding when needed.

                                                                            CONTROL AND STABILITY
                                                                            TEAR AND ABRASION RESISTANCE

                                                                          POWERED BY MICHELIN TECHNICAL SOLES

        2   F.F.C.
            FASTEN FIT CONTROL (LACING SYSTEM)                                 RACE COMPOUND
                                                                              - High thermo abrasion
       The internal fastening system features long-lasting laces joined to the
       boot lining and a newly designed padded tongue to offer an increased   - Heat resistance sculptures.
       level of comfort. It ensures that the upper wraps the foot, providing   - High grip, antislip on dry
       maximum fit precision and sensitivity while riding. The Fasten Fit Control   and wet grounds.
       offers an adjustable fit according to the rider’s individual foot anatomy.

                                                                               SOLE INSPIRED BY
                                                                               MICHELIN® POWER
                                                                                   EVO TYRE
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